MAC's Capability

MAC Construction is a long established company with over 40 years of experience and a solid reputation in the Middle East. It is formally registered in Saudi Arabia as a general contractor and classified by the Ministry of Public Works as a Class I Contractor. MAC Construction is ASME certified and holds the S, A & PP stamps, as well as the National Board R stamp. Since 1964 it has successfully completed a substantial number of major civil, industrial and multi-disciplinary projects for clients throughout the area. With its headquarters in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, offices in Riyadh and Beirut, and a support office in London, the company is uniquely qualified to handle complex turnkey projects and to act as the local partner for major international companies involved in such projects in the area. In many cases, this involved undertaking all the civil, building, mechanical equipment, steel work, piping, electrical and instrumentation construction work. Furthermore, MAC Construction often provided all materials and equipment, frequently necessitating worldwide purchasing, handling, transportation and storage. As part of its construction capabilities, the company mobilizes its own portable camp facilities, complete with power supply, sewage treatment plant, accommodation blocks, medical facilities, entertainment centre, canteen, etc. designed to accommodate a workforce of up to 2,500 men at any one time.

The range of projects included the construction of administrative and institutional buildings such as hospitals and medical centres, industrial buildings and structures such as aircraft hangars, complete buildings and infrastructures for industrial complexes, desalination plants, steam, simple and combined cycle power plants, petrochemical plants, gas plants, industrial waste water treatment plants, cement plants, factories, factory utilities and high tension substations.

In addition, the company has undertaken turnkey design and construction of complex concrete structures such as bridges and industrial buildings.

The scope of work achieved was multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging. It included heavy civil construction such as the pouring of 1,300 cubic meters in a single pour for concrete foundations; slip-forming for large cement silos; the lifting and installation of heavy vessels weighing up to 600 tons; the installation of oil tanks and tank farms; the fabrication and installation of piping ranging in diameter from 2 inches to 72 inches; the erection of heavy steel structures up to 50 meters in height; the lifting of 80-ton boiler drums to a height of 48 meters; the installation and alignment of rotating equipment, some with a capacity as large as 20,000 HP. Additional involvement included state-of-the-art field welding of alloy piping of up to 2½ inch wall thickness as well as stress relieving and non-destructive testing; electrical and instrumentation works; sandblasting and painting of various types of structures and equipment; installation of piping and vessels; commissioning of equipment; start-up and training of client personnel. The company is proud of its outstanding record of meeting tight deadliness under demanding site conditions.

Most of the requisite expertise is available in-house from a highly qualified, multi-disciplinary team of engineers, technicians, and construction staff, backed up by company-owned construction equipment and tools and a computerized capability in planning and scheduling, procurement, materials control and accounting. The company is confident that its expertise, proven track record and considerable resources will prove invaluable when undertaking any construction project in the Middle East.