Environment Control

MAC’s Management, Staff and Personnel are committed to Environmental Protection. Accordingly, MAC has well defined Environment Control directives that are applied at its Head Office and its various sites. Personnel are from time to time provided with information on developments in the field of Environment Control.


Some examples of Environmental control:

  • All construction machinery and cars are fitted with catalytic converters to minimize atmospheric pollution
  • Servicing and oil changes for all machinery and cars are carried out at specific intervals. Used oils, tyres, batteries and plastic parts are collected for recycling
  • Warehouses used for storage of chemicals and paints are ventilated to control temperature and humidity
  • Waste such as paper, plastic, glass, aluminium etc. is segregated and recycled
  • Waste water from temporary construction camp accommodations are collected and treated in a Sewage Treatment Plant, then re-used for irrigation of trees and grass planted in the camp and the surrounding area
  • Employees are provided with safety devices to protect them from fumes, dust, sunshine, flames, noise, ultraviolet rays etc.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all offices and dining halls
  • Signboards regarding environmental protection and safety are placed at various locations
  • Disinfection and pest-control carried out regularly in and around company accommodation, using non-synthetic pesticides
  • Materials hazardous to health and the environment are controlled, monitored and disposed of by trained personnel