Functions & Responsibilities
  • Corporate HSE Manager
    The Corporate HSE Manager formulates, administers and co-ordinates HSE programs for MAC to reduce the risk of loss due to employee injury or death, fire, damage to property, the general public, theft or regulatory non-compliance.
  • Project Manager
    The Project Manager is the executive of the safety plan in accordance with OSHA Standards and Safety Codes. He is responsible to issue all the instructions required to implement it, to enforce corrective actions, and to see that all safety items procurement is done in a timely manner. He is responsible to assign a competent Safety Officer who has authority to rectify and prevent hazardous situations.
  • Construction Manager
    The Construction Manager's responsibility toward safety is to implement the safety procedures in his work execution orders, and to make sure that those procedures can be met in the activities he is undertaking at site.
  • HSE Officer
    The HSE Officer is responsible to check and verify that the safety requirements are met in accordance with OSHA Standards and Safety Codes, and to report any violation of such. He is authorized to stop any unsafe operation at site until safety violation is removed and/or corrected. He is responsible to ensure awareness of all personnel of the safety plan. He is responsible to attend meetings, seminars and lectures related to safety.
  • Supervisors and Foremen
    Supervisors and Foreman must ensure that they provide their subordinates with the proper tools, that their workers are fit to perform the ordered task, and that the environment of such task does not consist a safety hazard, and bring such circumstances to the attention of their superiors before the commencement of such tasks.
  • Manual Working Force:
    Each of the manual labors is responsible for his own safety, and he must decline from undertaking any task involving a safety hazard until such hazard is removed. He reports such hazard to his superior or to the safety officer in case of no action by his superior