Project Name : Khurais Crude Facilities - GOSPS' KCC Civil Works
Location : Khurais, Saudi Arabia
Client : Snamprogetti / Saudi Aramco
Construction Period : 28 Months

MAC was commissioned by Snamprogetti of Milan, Italy to carry out the multi-discipline construction of Khurais Crude Facilities – GOSPS KCC. For Saudi Aramco to increase the development of Dry Arabian Light (AL) Crude, associated gas and C3+ NGL product. The PROJECT was executed in joint venture with Kettaneh Construction Saudi Arabia Ltd. involved construction of KCC project Civil works for the following plants:

  • Nos. B-32, B-33, B-34 and B-35 for GOSP- 1, 2, 3 and 4 a  24.94 hectares for GOSP Areas.
  • No. B-37 Inlet/ Outlet Areas GOSP Offsite Facilities, having an area of 11.67 hectares.
  • Evaporation ponds and Feeding Pipeline  having an area of 100 hectares .
  • Four GOSP Trains Areas, each with Gas/ Oil Separation Facilities, Wet Crude handling Facilities, Crude Stabilization facilities and Gas gathering and Compression facilities involving: 
  • 1,016 m long x 4 to 10 m wide Main Pipe Rack.
  •  2,389 m long x 2.7 to 12 m Secondary Pipe Rack.
  •  682 m long x 4.5 to 13 m Steel Structures.
  • Inlet/Outlet Areas with production manifold, lift station, depressurizing vessel/pump involving:
  • 551 m long x 10 and 16 m wide Pipe Rack.
  • 446 m long x 2.5 to 13.5 m wide Steel Structures.
  • 16-Ha. Evaporation Pond Areas for the water inflow from surge relief lines from Water Injection Pump WIP, Boiler blow-down from utilities area and Water Oil Separator WOSEP water that discharge through the Waste Water Drainage WWD diffusers;
  • 4-Ha of oily water ponds. Ponds were built using compacted earth fill for embankment and lined with HDPE material.