Project Name :MTBE II Complex
Location : Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Client : Saudi European Petrochemical Co. "IBN ZAHR"
Construction Period : 20 Months

Owing to the successful executing of the 500,000 tons/year MTBE-I Plant, MAC was entrusted by IBN ZAHR and Snamprogetti to carry out the civil and buildings works for their new 700,000 tons/year MTBE II project. The project was built on an urgent basis in close collaboration with Snamprogetti and the time schedule adjusted on site to match availability of drawings whilst at the same time ensuring that a suitable rate of progress was maintained for an overall timely completion.


The crash program necessitated close co-ordination with mechanical construction of the plant that was started earlier than originally planned and required special micro-scheduling on site.

Direct manpower involved a peak of 450 men.