Project Name : Demolition of Cooling Water Tank's Roof
Location : ASU-GAS-V PLANT, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Client : Linde Arabian Contractors
Construction Period : 10 days

MAC was entrusted by Linde Arabian Contractors to demolish the 550mm thick concrete roof slab and to demolish and reconstruct the top 1600mm circumferential wall of a 18m dia, 10m high concrete cooling tank during the critical shutdown of Gas V Plant in Al-Jubail. A challenging round the clock operation that was successfully completed within the set 10 days.


The sagging roof slab and the cracked circumferential top part of the tank, presented special structural considerations; the time constraint and the protection of the existing pumps, pipes and valves inside the tank, dictated MAC’s innovative method of demolition and reconstruction work. Of major concern, during the round the clock operation were, safety and quality.


MAC took the challenge, prepared a precise planning and worked around the clock to complete all activities in ten days.