The CRD is experienced in the following areas:
  • Concrete Repair: Repairing concrete structures such as bridges, airport slabs, water tanks, canal structures, harbor walls, multi-storey frames, balconies, expansion joints, stairs and roofs. CRD uses its expertise and know-how to conduct a site investigation of client’s problems and submit a report, which includes suggested action or remedies
  • Crack Injection: Crack injection techniques both to seal leaking cracks and to bond cracks structurally, using polyurethane or epoxy resins and also cementitious grout
  • Resin Coatings & Tank Linings: (Concrete & Steel) Application of industrial coatings, such as epoxy floor screeds, cementitious wall linings, shotcreting, steel tank coatings, fibreglass sewage linings, acid-proof trowel-applied coatings and tiling
  • Shotcreting: For various purposes, ranging from concrete repairs to strengthening of structures, to anode overlay (Cathodic Protection)
  • Protective Coating: Prevention is better than repair! Properly applied protective coating goes a long way in extending and enhancing the life of structures
  • Industrial Floor Coating: Meeting any challenge: acid proofing of light traffic flooring in laboratories and industrial plants, heavy traffic in warehouses, super clean, anti-slip floors in food and beverage factories
  • Marine Lining, Pile Jacketing & Underwater Concreting: Repair of concrete structures and quay walls that are damaged by ships or affected by sea water. Replacement of damaged Fenders & Bollards
  • Steel Bonded Structures: Strengthening of concrete structures by epoxy fixed steel lamellas.