Project Name : 7.5 MIGPD Seawater Desalination Plant
Location : Abu Dhabi
Client : Ministry Of Electricity & Water
Construction Period : 30 Months

This 7.5 migpd seawater desalination plant (consisting of three 2.5 migpd units) was one of the few desalination projects to have been completely assembled on site from plate small in the Middle East. The construction of the new plant was required by the city of Abu Dhabi in order to double its production of sweet water and thus meet the substantial increase in demand from this booming capital. The work involved very strict construction safety measures dictated by the proximity of the existing operating plant. It also featured work in a restricted area where major de-watering and excavation works (to a depth of 12 metres) were undertaken to permit the construction of deep concrete pits and heavy foundations.