Project Name : Natural Gas De-Ethanization& Compression Plant 462
Location : Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia
Client : Aramco
Construction Period : 15 Months

On completion in 1976 the Natural Gas De-ethanization and Compression Plant at Abqaiq (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia) represented the largest single NGL project ever undertaken by Aramco. The plant was designed for the purification and compression of natural gas (collected at Abqaiq), which was then piped to Ras Tanura for forward bulk shipment to world markets.


Working to a very tight schedule, MAC Construction carried out the work within 15 months as part of a 50-50 joint venture with a UK-based firm. A total of over 3 million man-hours was expended, with a workforce peaking at 1,200 men, for whom all accommodation, canteen, medical and life-support facilities were provided.


The work covered all construction disciplines from concrete foundations and buildings to mechanical installations, electrical and instrumentation work.


One of the most demanding tasks was the construction of what, at the time, were the world’s largest air coolers and the lifting and installation of a 480-ton stripper column.