MAC Management Capabilities
MAC Construction has accumulated a vast experience in managing construction projects throughout the Middle East, where work has been carried out to exacting technical specifications, difficult schedules, and under the tough constraints of lump-sum fixed prices. Under these conditions, the company has assumed total responsibility for the overall performance of all the disciplines involved including structural works; electrical, air-conditioning and plumbing work; internal architecture and finishing works; landscaping and external works. Hence MAC Construction has acquired a multi-disciplinary project-management capability independent from its field construction expertise.

As a result of this project management know-how, MAC has frequently been asked to act as Project Manager or Owner's Representative on special building projects belonging to affiliated companies.

In this role, MAC seconded senior project-management and construction-management personnel to each project. These staff members acted on the owner's behalf and coordinated the work of the many contractor and sub-contractors. In most instances, MAC Construction personnel established detailed schedules for the project and assisted the contractor in maintaining achievement levels, observing completion dates and keeping to the budgets. Additional responsibilities included gaining approvals from municipalities and local authorities at various stages throughout the project.

The Meridien Hotel in Chicago, featured here, was a good example of MAC's project management capabilities. The project management contract was for the complete turnkey design and construction of a luxury hotel located in the Gold Coast area in Chicago and consisting of 23 storeys and two basements.

A total of 247 guest rooms and suites with four floors of public space comprising meeting & banquet rooms, restaurant, lounge space and the two basements used for parking and back of house services. This reinforced concrete building sits on caisson foundations on a very tight lot with adjoining buildings on two sides. Steel sheet piling was driven all around the lot after which the caissons were dug from street level followed by excavation. This work had to proceed in stages in order to prevent adjoining buildings from settling. Other examples shown in this leaflet are the Cheeca Lodge Hotel in the Florida Keys, Lincoln House in London and MAC Headquarters Building in Saudi Arabia.
Project Management Pictures