MAC Construction owns a number of buildings and other facilities in Saudi Arabia. These include:
  • A 30,000 m˛ estate in Al-Khobar that houses:
    • A three-storey office building for the Company’s Management and Administration. The building also accommodates the Computer Services Division and support staff
    • An open yard for the company’s equipment and machinery
    • Warehousing facilities for materials and tools
    • Fabrication facilities for steel and pipe works
    • Electrical and Paint Shops
    • Equipment and vehicles maintenance & repair facilities

  • Office and Residential Building, Riyadh
    • This four-storey building holds the office of the Chairman of the Board, and his support staff.

  • MAC Regional Office, Riyadh
    • This building contains the office of the Area Manager

  • 2 Open Yards on the Dammam-Abqaiq Highway
    • 71,319m˛
    • 64,500m˛

MAC has also international facilities located in the Middle East and Europe as follows:
  • Marketing & Construction Company S.A.L., Beirut. This associate company provides procurement, recruitment and other local services.
  • Marcon Services Limited, London. In addition to technical backup and procurement, this London based office provides a valuable location for meetings with clients, joint-venture partners, suppliers and subcontractors, especially for parties from other European countries or the United States.