Material & Control Program
Material Procurement & Control Program
MAC recognizes the importance of the projects material / equipment procurement, as work progress is mainly driven by the implementation of a successful procurement plan. MAC Construction has a well-staffed and efficient procurement department at its Headquarters in Al-Khobar. This department, aided by associated overseas offices, is capable of handling any kind of materials and equipment procurement. Although, local purchasers will be allocated to the project organization, their role will be restricted to coordinating availability of the general site requirements, including consumable etc.

During the bidding stage, MAC's Engineers and Quantity Surveyors produce an extensive, detailed material /equipments take-off. This data enables MAC to approach a wide range of world-wide potential suppliers with accurate, detailed, and comprehensive information to obtain the most competitive quotations as well as deliveries for materials / equipment compliant with client's project specifications and critical milestones.

This enables MAC to commence immediately the procurement process, in accordance with the client's procedures, and early placement of orders for long lead items following the approval of client's of the technical data submittal.

Delivery periods will be finalized with vendors/suppliers as per requirement of the work program.

The Material / Equipment Procurement Supervisor on site keeps a close liaison with the Company Headquarters Procurement department, in receiving technical literature etc. for onward submission to client's offices. The Company Headquarters Procurement department is responsible for expediting customs clearance and transportation of materials / equipment of the site.